What's the Deal With The Jo Siffert Heuer Autavia? A Look At Seinfeld's Watch

We have featured watches owned by some very cool people in the past; Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Jean-Claude Killy, James Bond, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Notorious BIG, Frank Sinatra and many others.  All are cool in their own right, but you can't deny the allure of a funny guy.  A little known fact is that perhaps the funniest guy of our generation is something of a watch guy, and not just any kind of watches, but vintage watches.  We're talking about Mr. Jerome Allen Seinfeld.

If you pay close attention to his wrist while watching the show, you will see everything from modern day Breitlings to vintage Heuers.  There is one widely used press shot where he is wearing what is surely a Breitling Navitimer. 

Everyone has a Navitimer though, we wanted to find a model that our readers didn't know much about and one they could actually buy if interested.  Well, we did it, with the thanks of the excellent forum members over at Chronocentric, we saw that one of Seinfeld's recent wears is a rare version of a Heuer sport chronograph, called the Jo Siffert Autavia.  The watch was spotted during a commercial for HP, a commercial you can see below:

So what makes this Heuer chronograph so interesting? Well, it received much of its attention because it was worn and promoted by yet another cool guy, Jo Siffert.  Siffert, affectionately known as "Seppi", was a championship racer in the 60s and 70s for both Lotus and Porsche.  While he did win the 1968 British Grand Prix, he became a legend by winning Daytona and Sebring later that year for Porsche.  These were the first two major wins for the company. 

Seppi died in true romantic hero fashion.  In 1971 his BRM crashed and caught fire.  Seppi was caught under the car and could not free himself.  It was later revealed that the suspension of Seppi's racer was damaged earlier which likely caused the fatal accident. 

The Siffert Autavias are easily the most collectible of the massive Autavia family; they are easily identified by a white face with black sub-dials.  They feature Heuer's Caliber 11 automatic chronograph movement, the same used in the original Monaco.  We have found a second generation Siffert Autavia for sale.  It is from 1971 (the year of Seppi's death) and it is all original and in very good condition.  It even comes with the original vintage mesh bracelet.

It makes sense that Seinfeld would wear a Siffert Autavia, after all, Siffert is a hero in the world of Porsche and well, Seinfeld's love of Porsche is well-documented.  The man even owns Steve McQueen's Porsche 917 from the film LeMans!  This makes us wonder if perhaps he got it on the bidding for Steve's Rolex and Monaco earlier this year.

So, if you want to own the same watch as a legendary Porsche racer AND a legendary Porsche lover (who happens to be kinda funny), click here for the details of this original 1971 Jo Siffert Heuer Autavia.