Chasing The Sun: Exploring The Andrewes Longitude Dial

Will Andrewes is a true horologist. From an apprenticeship with George Daniels' to the curation of the world's eminent private collection to Harvard University's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Will Andrewes has been deeply involved in the study and development of time keeping for decades. He organized the legendary Longitude Symposium and brought together experts from all over the world to speak seriously about time. And now he is building sundials unlike any you have ever seen before. HODINKEE had the distinct privilege to spend some time with Andrewes and today we bring you the story of a modern horological master, and quite possibly the most interesting man in time.  To see how Andrewes has created "a precision instrument with no moving parts," read on.

John Reardon

A Crash In The Desert: The Story Of A Record Breaking Pilot And His Indestructable Omega X-33

Dr. Howard Torman lives an extraordinary life and enjoys extraordinary watches. A medical doctor, test pilot, and former CBS News national medical correspondent, Dr. Torman was involved in the development of the Omega X-33 watch, alongside NASA. In 1997, Dr. Torman, the Russian MiG jet he was test piloting, and the X-33 prototype on his wrist went crashing into the Nevada desert - only one of the three emerged almost entirely unscathed. This is their story.


The Watches To Buy Your Significant Other This Holiday Season, If You're A Serious Watch Guy

It is our duty as purveyors and pundits of fine wristwear to help you identify those timepieces that belong in your collection - the pieces that really matter today, and will continue to matter generations down the line.  Occasionally we forget, though, that behind every great man's watch, there is is a great woman's watch.  And today, we are here to bring you some of the finest wristwatches on the planet, for your better half.