Vintage Bulova Snorkel: An Affordable & Devious Diving Watch

When it comes to diving watches from the 60s, you have a veritable submarine of options.  You have the Submariner, the Seamaster, the Fifty Fathoms, the Girard-Perregaux Deep Diver, the Hamilton Aqua-Date, the Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris, or even this rather cool Bulova with an inner-rotating bezel.  However, every single one of these vintage divers is above $1000, some many times over. 

The 1960s diving watch we've found for you today is just as good looking as the ones mentioned above and yet it only costs $825.  It is from the America powerhouse brand Bulova (who we have on good authority is about to make a big push back in the US mainstream).  This diver is called the Snorkel, is in very good condition, and offers everything you'd want in a diving watch.  It even has a date window, which wasn't always available on vintage divers. 

What is most interesting about this watch is that while it is regulated to 200meters (like most other divers of the day), the depth is listed at 666feet.  After all, this is an American watch and in America, we deal in feet! What is also interesting is that when watch company's do list the depth in feet, like on the Submariner, it is often written as 660 feet to avoid the "666" markings.  Bulova, however, felt no need to beat around the bush and went ahead and put the devil's number right smack dab in the middle of the face.  Have to respect that.

Click here for the details of this interesting vintage Bulova Snorkel with a devilish depth rating.